1988 Mountain Goat “Escape Goat”


The Escape Goat was Mountain Goats affordable frameset, tig welded but made with the same geometry as the Deluxe and the Whiskeytown Racer. Although it’s hard to say that a kind of bike with this paint job is a budget bike. Stunning paint job that is still as fresh as new today, quite marvelous to be 30 years old. 


I’m looking to do a clean and classic build here and go for a bullmoose for a twist.  


Will be built with Mountainbikes bullmoose, Magura brake levers, Shimano 730 groupset and WTB hubs, Araya RM20 rims.  


A few bits and bolts and it shall be pretty ok, 


1983 Mountain Goat "Escape Goat"

I guess this will be fun - 1983 Mountain Goat “Escape Goat”. Mafac cantilevers and Shimano 600 headset already in place.

The early Mountain Goats usually had the one piece stem/handlebar combination, but some had a bull moose set up. Since I have a lot of Shimano Deer Head equipped bikes I will try this one with a Suntour setup with Cyclone derailleurs. I’m planning to use Phil Wood hubs with Araya 7x rims. I think i have a spare set op Tomaselli brake levers. A rather classic rider then.

Lets’s see - never had a project without a lot of changes during the build time.

1983 “Escape Goat”

1983 “Escape Goat”