1989 Mantis Valkyrie #VK1916


1989 Mantis Valkyrie

I don't have the blue Valkyrie anymore since Erik Five (the other third of Vintage MTB Scandinavia) bought it. I sold it because of this new one that I bought in Canada for almost a year ago now. It looked quite beat up, didn't have an original fork and it was pretty hopeless as is. A pretty perfect candidate to send to Toxik Design Lab.

The seller also had a Type II fork for it, and I figured that was a quite good alternative to the original fork.

I always loved the 1989 Mountain Goat Deluxe over at Mombat. I remembered it from some time ago, and I couldn't find it back at Mombat, even through the new website og through Wayback Machine. I asked Harald Strasser of Toxik to make something that reminded me of that one, although I didn't remember exactly how it looked. The main part for me was the black sections here and the crazy neon fade / tie-dye in between. I figured the black sections could go quite well with the crazy tubing on the Valkyrie since it could tone down some sections and still make room for the crazy neons.

This project took quite a bit of time, and I was happy that it did. Since these projects develops over time it's ok to have time to think about the final result. In this case it meant that I got the Mountain Goat from Mombat some months after - something I never dreamt of happening. I didn't intend that to happen, and if I knew I would never have painted them in the same paint job - but now I'm quite happy to have two of these.

I got some pictures from Harald from time to time as the project went on. Every time I was very happy with the progress - in the first I was more than happy to see that the frameset was transformed from the beat up blue one to a nice primed frameset, and as time went by I saw more and more of the finished product. Blew my mind every time.

So - now it is here and it's ready for my part of it. I have a good idea of how it will be and it seems that I have all the parts needed. Since this frame and fork is for cantilevers I think a good, clean and easy build up with all XT 730/732 will be proper.