Clark Kent F16 #039


Clark Kent F16 1990/91 #039


Clark Kent bikes is named after the two founders Pat Clark and Dean Kent. They made both mountain bikes and road bikes, in both steel and titanium, and where located in Denver. They are probably most known for their Unishock fork that they made in 1989 that they licensed to Scott. They also made the pineapple hubs that especially were made for snowflake lacing. The idea was that the wheel would be stronger. Another famous bike of theirs is the dual wheel f/r “Fat” bike with elevated chainstay that can be seen in this article from pinkbike:

They had som really funky “let´s try it all” designs like the wiggly tubing and the Z-link as well. 

They made frames, forks, stems, brakes, hubs, cranks and more, but they seldom seem to pop up on the market. I have a front Pinapple hub and a “normal” prototype rear hub and the crank. I did however change the crank on this build since the CNC Clark Kent crank didn´t fit the build that well. But I of course kept the crank. 

 The company was dissolved in 1995/96 due to financial troubles. 


The build: 

-Clark Kent titanium frame welded by master-welder Ivo Vinklarek

-Fork: Tange Prestige 

-Stem: Salsa

-Drivetrain: XT

-Headset: XT

-Seatpos: XT

-Pedals: XT

-Crank: CQP patent pending

-Brakes: Marinovative descelerator titanium 

-Grips: Odi 

-Tyres: Tioga

-Hubs: Clark Kent pinapple front hub snowflake laced and “normal” Clark Kent rear hub

-Rims: specialized xl 21 

Bike - Das Mountain bike magazine August 1995

Bike - Das Mountain bike magazine August 1995