Norwegian DBS Off Road Ex 1991 or so. #0053

This is a project I did last year. It is sold now to a friend in Norway due space issues and something had to go. Thought I´d share it since its something most people never have seen.

Norwegian DBS Off Road Ex 1991 or so. Maybe 1992. Serial is #0053.

So was delivered with full XT. Black parts except for the cranks that were silver stock. But I put on some black M730. Also changed grips, tires, cables etc. Picked it all a part and started from scratch after a full paint clean and polish.

DBS = Den Beste Sykkelen = The best bike. Started in 1892 as Øglænd and changed to DBS in 1932. They made aprox 10 million bikes in Norway before they where bought in the 90´s.

Bonus DBS commercial.


And bonus video from later on in the 90´s. Base jumping from the famous Norwegian Prekestolen.